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someone telling you no, you can’t do that; you’re not good enough? These remarks would devastate any one of us and likely cause us to quit whatever the endeavor. We’d probably get defensive and tell that person exactly where to go. Sadly, we speak to ourselves that way when insecurities get the better of us and that internal, negative voice inside engages in demeaning dialogue to keep us protected from failure. It’s that rigid, fixed mindset – self-imposed limitations well rooted in our subconscious based on past experiences – which prevents us from realizing our true potential.

Why do we allow such trash talk when we wouldn’t accept it from another? How do we delete that pre-recorded message we replay in our minds with every mistake or failure? It starts with changing your basic thinking structure – not changing your mind but changing your mindset.

Maximizing Mindset is a guide to transforming a rigid, fixed mindset into a nurturing, encouraging growth mindset that extinguishes fear and ignites imagination. You’ve proven your capacity to lead, and you have honed your professional skills, now it’s time to combine your strengths, talents, and gifts with a maximized mindset to expand your potential and live the life you dare to dream of with intention and gratitude.

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MeetTony Berenyi

There are many characteristics of a successful coach, and chief among them are expertise and enthusiasm. Tony has ample amounts of both. If you are ready to explore what possibilities exist beyond your current situation – greater success in business, deeper relationships, and more fulfilling experiences – working with Tony can help you transcend what is and truly enjoy what it is you seek.

Tony possesses a unique ability to connect with people and help them channel their sense of curiosity and imagination, create an action-oriented plan, and achieves desired results. His ability to be present and remain laser focused has served his clients well and has earned him accolades, awards, and business, which have propelled him to the pinnacle of his career and sparked his passion for coaching.

Named SC Biz News #1 GC 2022

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